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Dentures in Chattanooga: The Perfect Solution for People Who Have Lost Some or All of Their Teeth

Traditional partial and full dentures offer a predictable form of tooth replacement for extensive tooth loss. Dr. Allen Myers and Dr. Benjamin Perry have years of experience designing and placing dentures to renew oral health and restore the full form and function to patients’ smiles. If you’ve experienced extensive tooth loss, contact our Chattanooga dental team to schedule a tooth replacement consultation.

What are Dentures?

There are two main types of dentures, partial and full, and both types are used to restore smiles following extensive tooth loss. Partials replace any number of consecutive and nonconsecutive missing teeth, filling the gaps in patients’ smiles like a puzzle piece. Partial dentures are attached to remaining healthy teeth with metal clasps. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. These dental prosthetics combine a row of replacement teeth with a gum-colored base that is custom crafted to fit snugly against gum tissue and jawbone. This tight fit creates suction between the gums and denture, which should hold patients’ dentures in place. In some cases, a small amount of denture adhesive can be applied to improve adhesion. We also offer dental implant supported tooth replacement for increased stability and a more natural look and feel.

What are My Denture Options?

Patients in need of extensive tooth replacement have a variety of options to restore their smiles. Each case is different, and our dentists take time to review options with patients and ensure they receive results they’ll feel confident sharing. Denture options include:

What is the Traditional Denture Process?

Partial and full dentures typically require at least two appointments to design and place. During the first appointment, we prepare patients by extracting damaged teeth and ensuring their oral health is intact. Then, we capture impressions of the gums and any remaining teeth that are used by a dental lab to design a custom partial or full denture. In many cases, we’re able to offer patients an immediate denture to improve form and function while their custom prosthetic is crafted. Once we receive the final denture, patients return to our office where we’ll attach a partial to surrounding teeth, or ensure the full denture fits snuggly and comfortably against the gums. For some patients, we may need to adjust the dentures and ask them to return to our office to ensure the ideal fit.

What is the Implant Denture Process?

Dental implant supported tooth replacement is completed in two phases. First, implant posts are surgically placed below the gum line. After several months, these implants fuse with the gums and jawbone mimicking the root system of the lost teeth. Once this process is complete, we attach the partial or full denture. We offer both fixed and removable options, depending on patient preference. In some cases, we’re able to refit an existing denture to attach to implants, but in most cases, we’ll need to design a denture that will be crafted by our trusted dental lab while the implants fuse with the jawbone.

What Should I do Next?

If you’re in need of dental implant supported tooth replacement, contact our team right away. We’ll schedule a tooth replacement consultation, and help you determine what type of denture is right for you.