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Frequently Asked Questions

At East Hamilton Dental, our goal is to partner with patients in creating personalized treatment plans to meet their oral health needs and goals. The best way to empower patients to feel confident making treatment decisions is to provide them with the dental education and information they need to fully understand their options. That starts by taking the time to answer their questions. The answers to some of the questions we hear most often are offered here, and we encourage patients to contact our team to find out more.

I hide my smile in photos and while talking. Can you help me change my smile?

We don’t ever want our patients to be unhappy with their smiles. The innovative dentistry techniques and technologies available at East Hampton Dental make it possible for our team to transform any smile from flawed to flawless with minimally invasive and painless cosmetic and restorative dental care. For patients with more extensive smile irregularities, we may recommend a smile makeover. Our smile makeover plans may combine any number of treatments including porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants to transform smiles.

My teeth are yellowed and stained. How can you help?

Take a trip to your local grocery store or pharmacy, and you’ll see a number of teeth whitening products that claim to offer dramatic results. For patients with mild, surface level staining, these store bought whiteners may be adequate to achieve the desired result. However, for those patients with more deep-set dental stains, professional whitening from the East Hamilton Dental cosmetic dentistry team may be a better option. Professional teeth whitening offers predictable, long lasting, and safe results. We offer advanced in-office teeth whitening that can brighten smiles up to ten shades in just an hour. Patients whose stains are not responsive to teeth whitening may want to consider cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers.

Can you fix chipped, cracked, or broken teeth?

We offer a variety of treatments to restore the full form, function, and cosmetic appearance of even extensively damaged teeth. Cosmetic dental bonding can be completed in just one visit. Composite resin is applied directly to the damaged teeth and hardened into position repairing cracks and chips, filling gaps, and concealing stains. For more extensive dental wear, we may recommend porcelain veneers. They are thin sheaths of porcelain that attach to the front facing surfaces of teeth concealing flaws. In order to repair one or more extensively damaged teeth, we may recommend dental crowns.

I have old metal fillings. Can you replace them with tooth-colored restorations?

If your old, amalgam fillings are marring your smile or have been damaged or lost, we’re happy to discuss replacing them with composite resin, tooth colored fillings. In some cases, a dental crown needs to be placed over the tooth if additional damage or wear has occurred.

I have a number of missing teeth, and they’re changing the shape of my face. What are my tooth replacement options?

In addition to dramatically effecting the appearance, tooth loss causes a number of oral health issues and makes it more difficult to speak clearly or chew foods thoroughly. Depending on the number and location of your missing teeth, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options to restore your smile to its full form and function including fixed bridges, partial and full dentures, and dental implant supported restorations. Contact our team to schedule a tooth replacement consultation and explore your treatment options.

My gums bleed when I brush and floss. What does that mean?

Gums that bleed when you brush and floss may be indicative of gingivitis, the mild form of gum disease. This early stage of gum disease is often asymptomatic, but if you do experience bleeding or discolored soft tissue, let our team know right away. When caught in the early stages, we are typically able to renew oral health with more frequent professional cleanings. When gum disease advances to the severe form, periodontitis, the side effects can be detrimental to oral health, and our treatment options are much more extensive, time consuming, and costly.

How often should I visit your office to maintain the optimal level of oral health?

In keeping with the standards of best practice set by the American Dental Association, we recommend patients visit our office at least twice a year. These checkups allow our team to partner with patients in preventing many of the common oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease, and make it possible for the dentist to diagnose and treat others in their earliest stages. These appointments include the collection of diagnostic information, a thorough evaluation and screening for common oral health issues, professional teeth cleaning, and planning for continued treatment going forward.

Should I take my kids to the dentist?

Absolutely. We welcome children in our practice, and from the time your child’s first tooth erupts, we recommend bringing him or her to our practice two times each year for a checkup and cleaning. Even the primary, baby, teeth that fall out need to be maintained for two reasons. First, these teeth maintain the spacing and position for the developing adult teeth. Second, these regular preventive checkups start your child down the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our dentists and team take the time to teach kids about good at-home hygiene practices, and our kind, gentle treatments make children look forward to visiting the dentist. Our goal is to partner with parents to help children develop healthy hygiene habits that will allow them to keep their smiles whole and healthy for life. Contact our team to find out more about children’s dentistry services.