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Comprehensive Services

Every patient we treat wants to have a beautiful smile they can feel completely confident sharing. Studies show that the smile is the first thing people notice when meeting new acquaintances, and one of the few things they remember about those they’ve just met. Our first step at East Hamilton Dental is working to ensure patients achieve their optimal oral health. Then, we partner with patients to get the picture-perfect smiles of their dreams. The smile says so much about who patients are. They shape patients’ faces, allow patients to eat a variety of foods, and enable clear communication, but poor oral health is also linked to a number of chronic and systemic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. Allen Myers and Dr. Benjamin Perry are dedicated to helping patients keep their whole, healthy smiles for life.

Our team creates personalized oral health care plans for each patient we treat, but every patient should visit our office at least two times each year for checkups and cleanings. The purpose of these visits is to help patients stay on top of protecting their smiles from daily wear and tear. Each day the foods and beverages we consume combine with bacteria in the mouth to create a sticky, acidic film known as plaque. Plaque is the cause of the two most common oral health issues, tooth decay and gum disease. Regular office visits combined with at-home care ensure patients keep plaque under control. We can also help patients keep their smiles brighter by combating stains caused by wine, coffee, smoking, and other staining foods, drinks, and behaviors. Contact East Hamilton Dental to get started on your lifetime of outstanding oral health today.