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Root Canal Therapy

In order for us to easily understand the whole process of root canal treatment, it’s helpful for you to have some practical knowledge.

What’s actually happening with your teeth? The soft tissue present in a human tooth, known as “pulp,” is located underneath the hard and white enamel layer of the tooth and the less dense yellow structure called the dentin. The pulp is responsible for the growth of your tooth’s root during development.

If a tooth is already fully developed, it can still survive without the presence of the pulp because tissues that help its nourishment surround the tooth. If a tooth is considered threatened (due to cracking, decay, etc.) and future infections are likely to happen, root canal therapy is the next best option.

When should you get root canal therapy? If a tooth has an injured or infected nerve, root canal therapy is needed in order to save it from further damage. Untreated damaged nerves in the tooth can cause severe pain.

How long will root canal therapy take? Depending on the severity of your problem, root canal treatment is typically completed in just one visit to East Hamilton Dental.

What actually happens during each visit for root canal therapy? During your visit, administration of an anesthetic and isolation of the affected tooth will be done. A hole will be created in the tooth’s crown, where the evacuation of the tooth’s pulp will take place. The tooth’s root will be thoroughly cleaned and shaped. The hole in the tooth’s crown will be filled with an impermanent filling to prevent saliva from entering the tooth.

Then, the temporary filling will be taken off and the internal part of the tooth that has been treated will be encumbered with a resin-like substance. Lastly, the tooth will be sealed with a permanent dental crown.

Is the root canal procedure painful? Fortunately, root canal treatment nowadays has been made to be a nearly pain-free procedure. Most patients who have undergone root canal treatment using the new technique have reported that the procedure was totally painless.